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and turn it into your own website in just a couple of clicks. A demo project build on


How does it work?

You don't have to be a genius for this. Just a couple of clicks and your personal site is live.

  • Create your Universal Profile

    A Universal Profile is a platform independent Blockchain Account (currently in beta). It will be used to store and receive the data for your Universal Page.

  • Select your theme and domain

    After you have updated your profile information, you can select a template and personal domain for your site.

  • Deploy it 🚀

    Your Universal Profile will be deployed to the Lukso blockchain (testnet) and your page will be live on your chosen domain.


Create andcustomize your page

Start with a template and customize the look and feel to your needs. We might create premium templates that can be bought as NFTs, so you are guaranteed that your page will be unique.

Jake PrinsJake Prins

Jake Prins

Frontend Engineer at apideck.com | Creator of serverless.page, the starter kit for building SaaS apps with Next.js | Building universal.page


Lukso integrations

Universal Page can support new features that interact with your Universal Profile. The more apps that will be build on Universal Profiles, the more widgets we can add for your Universal Page. Think of native action buttons for decentralized social networks, integrations to receive or sell assets, and listing your NFTs or any other kind of data that's connected to your profile.

Get started

Coming soonStay updatedabout progress

Universal Page is still a demo that runs on the Lukso testnet, but there are many ideas for the future. We might release a limited amount of unique themes / templates as NFTs. Or build a marketplace for the community to contribute and earn for building new themes and integrations. Do you have ideas or want to contribute to this project? Feel free to reach out!

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